Thunderstorms have strong winds. They have lightning. and they have thunder. You want to get down in thunderstorms, get on your stomach in a ball if you’re not in a safe place.

I chose these as my favorite photos of lightning in a thunderstorm.


List of sounds

Man Made:

Cars, Talking, Floor creaks, door opens, playing noises, radio music, phone text, my brother Finn talking, Dads tools outside.


Wind, birds.


I am grateful for the sound of my brother Finn playing because that means he’s happy. Roarrrrrrr….haaaa haaaaa!

I am grateful to hear my dads tools outside because it shows that he’s having fun doing what he wants. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAA BRRRRAAAAAAAA the drill goes.

My Family

I am grateful for them taking care of me and buying stuff for me.

They take care of me by feeding me, and buying me clothes. They take me to the beach a lot.

Im grateful for my brothers, Finn and Dekker, and my pet brothers Oreo and Rocky. My brothers play with me and love me.

Family picture

My mom and uncle MJ