Would you rather

I would rather go to a water park because I don’t ski. I like warm weather over cold weather. At a water park there are a lot of slides. Water parks are always sunny and warm, and when I’ve tried snowboarding its freezing and not as fun. It’s so hard to snowboard or ski, and takes a lot of practice.

Water parks can be really fun because they have some really steep slides. Its so fun to go to a waterpark with friends because it’s easy to stay together all day. When you go snowboarding with friends you aren’t really together while you’re snowboarding.

I’ve been to Splash Town with summer camp before. We went down a super steep slide and it was so fast. Water parks are so big though that you can get kind of lost. We missed ice cream that day because we were trying to find our way back to the group.

3 thoughts on “Would you rather”

  1. Hi Max,
    You did a great job describing why you’d rather go to a water park than skiing. I hadn’t thought about water parks being something you can do more with friends than skiing or snowboarding. And I am totally with you about the cold. UGH!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
    📝Mrs. Eaves

  2. I love water parks too! Great job. You explained clearly why you would rather go to a water park. I have never been to splash park, we usually go to Water Country. Great job and hope to see you soon!


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