What Makes a Mystery

A mystery story has something to find out. Ive been listening to mysteries and there’s always different characters, clues, suspects, distractions and a detective. In most mysteries there is a conclusion and evidence to prove who’s guilty or did something wrong.

A mystery story is special because there’s always different clues. Mysteries make you think about what’s in the next chapter. I like that they make you think about the clues.

Kids Life Brainstorm

Places to Explore

Id like to go to Blitz trampoline park, camping in the woods, Florida, The Bahamas, New York City, and back to Seattle to visit my friends.

People to Meet

I’d like to meet Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and Kobe Bryant.


I would like to accomplish a backflip on my trampoline. I’d like to be a successful YouTuber. I would like to be a successful singer.


I want to jump off of a waterfall. I’d like to try skydiving. I would like to go to a Seahawks game and Reds game.


I’d like to learn my backflip. I’d like to join gymnastics.