The most perfect place in the whole world….

The most perfect place in the world is my house because I live here. I also eat here, play here, and have my family here. I get to play video games in my playroom, and jump on the trampoline in my yard. I have my birthday parties here in the summer, and we always invite all of my friend and get a bounce house or water slide.

I love my house because we have a big yard and can throw a football. There’s room for my trampoline, a swing set and climber, and water slide. We are hopefully going to have a pool next Spring, and are getting a hot tub in a few weeks. My driveway has a basketball hoop and we play out there a lot too.

I get to have my own bedroom in my house. It’s connected to my brother Finn’s with big sliding barn doors, and we share a bathroom together. I like that my brothers room is connected to mine because after we get put to bed we talk together and share a bed sometimes.

One thought on “The most perfect place in the whole world….”

  1. Hi Max,
    Your house does sound like the most perfect place in the world. It sounds like a very happy place to be. It was wonderful to read about all the things you appreciate about your home and you family. It is really great that you have your own room – but can share too.
    Thanks for sharing your thought and ideas!
    ✏️Mrs. Eaves

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