I wish I could do…..

I wish I could do a double back flip on the trampoline because it would be so fun. I can do a double front flip, a peanut roll, half ball out to 360, and a normal front flip. I love jumping on the trampoline because I can get really high.

My brother, Finn goes on the trampoline with me. Sometimes my baby brother Dekker does too. I use my trampoline every day that its nice weather. I like to watch videos on how to learn new tricks to do.

3 thoughts on “I wish I could do…..”

  1. Hi Max,
    Thanks for sharing about all the moves you can do on the trampoline now, and what you hope to figure out how to do next. Studying videos is the best way to learn more stunts and tricks. It would be cool to see a video of you doing what you know how to do now.
    It would be fun to look back in time to see how you skills and abilities grow.
    Thanks for sharing ~ I have no doubt you’ll do want you want to do.
    🙌🏼Mrs. Eaves

  2. I want to know how to just land a flip!! It is amazing that you are trying to learn new things with our time at home! Great job and hope to see you soon!


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